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Consulting (hourly)

Consulting Services

(hourly consulting fee, per service, after first appointment)

Best for when you want to purchase or review the “parts” of your plan, compare plans, or have a narrow focus you want to explore

• Each service or/product is priced based on an hourly consulting fee
• You do not require an ongoing planning and management relationship
• Consulting fees are billed hourly and vary between $75-300/hour, based on complexity, Advisor experience and credentials
• “Parts” you may purchase individually include, but are not limited to:
  Basic or Comprehensive Financial Plan
  Social Security strategy planning
  Long Term Care, Disability or Life Insurance plans
  Income Tax strategies
  Risk Tolerance and Investment Allocation Plans
  Business Continuation, including Key Man insurance and Buy-Sell agreement funding

The first consultation is free. During that meeting you will decide upon what, if any, level of service and fee structure is right for YOUR situation.

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